Friday, July 30, 2010

My Baby is One!

One year ago today, Andrew Joel Keisling joined our family, and life has never been the same. We can't imagine life without his smile, his laugh, or his irrepressible determination. =)

Andrew my son, you came to us quickly (once you decided to come) and energetically. Your coming was greeted eagerly by many family and friends, especially your big brother.

10 days after your birth, we moved half way across the country. (As it turns out, newborns travel really well, since they still sleep most of the time.)

Once you became aware of the world around you, it had your full attention. You were constantly watching, observing, and trying to explore. It was very frustrating for you that you were so limited at first, but it never stopped you from trying.

Then you were on the move, and nothing was safe. =)

You love balls, kitty cats, and food of all kinds, but most of all you love your big brother. He is the coolest person in your world, and you want to do everything he does.

We love you Andrew Joel! Happy 1st Birthday!


Mama Llama-Karen said...

I love this post! You have your hands full, but at least they are full of cute and intelligent boys! Happy Birthday Andrew! I would have called, but since he doesn't know me, I figured it might frustrate him/you. :). Can't wait to see you all!

John and Margaret said...

Actually Karen, he loves to talk on/eat the phone, no matter who's on. =)