Monday, July 12, 2010

4th fun at the Keislings

This 4th was a fun mixture of low-key and frantic. Frantic because we had to leave our complex and hour and a half before church so that we wouldn't get blocked in from the parade route. Low-key because we had a nice finger-food dinner with friends.

The neighbors hosted a little party, at which there was LOTS of food, some good conversation, and a massive rainstorm. Thankfully the last part waited until after we ate, and was gone in time for the fireworks. We had some sparklers and confetti poppers (Iowa has the strictest fireworks laws I've ever seen), and the boys had a blast.

They ate well, especially Andrew, who went around helping himself to whatever anyone would give him, and Timothy himself put away a substantial amount of food. He seemed to especially enjoy the baked beans.... =)

Timothy got his first sparklers, which he really loved. And John discovered just how fast 25 sparklers burn when they're tied together. (Now to keep small boys from imitating Daddy....) At dark, we walked a few blocks toward the park for a good view of the fireworks. They were pretty impressive for a small town. A good 4th all around. =)

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