Sunday, May 19, 2013

Let the Summer adventures begin!

(So, in the last year, I've discovered exactly how much more time 3 kids takes. I've managed birthday blogs, but that's about it. I need to do better, so here's my first attempt.)

We've successfully survived John's second year of Grad School (Only one more to go!), and Timothy had a great year in Kindergarten, and Andrew is very excited to start pre-k next year. But that's in the fall. For now, we're on a grand adventure. 

Utah Shakespeare Festival offered Daddy a summer job, so right around the first of May, we loaded a trailer and headed off on our 3-day trek to southern Utah. Unfortunately, we got just over an hour down the road when the transmission overheated and we were stuck on the side of the road. One tow truck ride and a few hours at the mechanic later (Not to mention a scared dog who pooped in the van, and then ran off at the mechanic) we were grateful to discover nothing was permanently damaged. But, we were advised to return the trailer. So, back to Tallahassee we went (very slowly).

Not everyone was upset with the breakdown.

Tow Truck Ride!

Thankfully we had some wonderful friends who came over and helped us unload the trailer, and pack the van to the gills. We had to leave our kitchen supplies and big stuff like the bikes and tools, but we were able to get an impressive amount of stuff in the van, and our little cartop carrier. (Note to self, check amazon for a bigger one for the way home...)

Tallahassee Goodbye, Take Two. 
We left Tallahassee late that afternoon, and didn't make it as far as we planned, but were very grateful for a cousin in Baton Rouge with a spare bed and a generous heart. 

The next day we made it to Grammy's for lunch, and left Harley with her. Our apartment doesn't allow pets, so Grammy kindly agreed to let him keep her company this summer. 

After lunch, we got on our way again, shooting for Albuquerque that night. Thankfully the car ran smoothly, and this was the most unusual thing we saw that day. 

Not what you expect to see at a rest stop, but it was nowhere West Texas...

Day three was a shorter day, thankfully, and we got into some beautiful scenery. The Vermillion Cliffs were an unplanned stop, but after 2 1/2 days in the car, a necessary one. 


Someone finally succumbed to the tires of travel

We finally reached Cedar City Utah at the end of day three, and spent a day in a (surprisingly roomy) hotel room while Daddy had his first day of work, and our apartment was cleaned. Monday night, we moved in, and are settling into a nice routine. 

First meal in our summer digs

Daddy works from 7:30am to 7pm 4 days a week, but gets off at 5 on Fridays. Most nights, this is the scene that greets him. They love their Daddy. 

While Daddy's at work, we're busy exploring. We've discovered the library, and 4 different parks. Our favorite is Park Discovery. This park is ridiculously cool. It was apparently designed with the input of nearly 8000 children, and it shows. Dinosaur Dig Pits, a space rocket, 2 boats, and all kinds of slides and things to climb on. 


We hope to see more sites soon, maybe even some canyons. But for now, We're just enjoying the adventure. 

Happy First Birthday Nathan!

(This is a little overdue, but I still wanted to make sure I did it.)


Your arrival was quick and definite. I was expecting a longer labor after your brothers, but as it was we only made it to the Birth Cottage 40 minutes before you were born. Good thing we didn't wait any longer. On the other hand, at 9 pounds, 4 ounces, I'm glad you didn't wait any longer either. =)

Everyone was so excited to meet you, Timothy probably had the biggest smile though. Since then, you two have always had a special bond.

Your first year with us has been so much fun. You have always been such a happy baby, and so alert. From the beginning, you have been taking in your world, especially your big brothers. Timothy is the coolest thing in your world, and Andrew isn't too far behind, although there has been a little "attention tension" at times. =)

Daddy has been around a lot this year, at least while you're awake, and you have loved it!
Dad-da was your first word, and who you took your first steps for. (Steps you've since refused to take again)

Mommy has a special place too. The last few months have been very much about Mommy, and no one else if she's around. You love it when strangers coo, but lately, no one better get too close.

Everyone compliments your eyes and your hair, which is only right. They are beautiful. If you ever get a sister, I hope she gets your hair. However, no one can top your smile. It brightens my day every time.

I love to watch your expressions as you discover the world around you. You're into everything right now, but Mommy has gotten a lot more mellow the third time around. Messes can be cleaned. Your brothers don't always feel the same way I do, but they're learning to keep their things out your reach.


   Happy Birthday Little Man! I can't wait to see what the next year brings for you!