Friday, May 1, 2015

Nathan turns three


You are such a little man now. My little baby boy is insistent that he is a "Big Boy" now, and I am proud of all you have become.

This last year, we moved twice, and you varied in your responses to this. But overall, you were a real trouper. I think the move may have been the hardest on you, at least until school started. You couldn't understand why we were leaving the only home you'd ever known, and then leaving again. First, you kept asking to go back to Florida, then when we packed up again, you were NOT happy.

Thankfully, you've come to love our new home, and no longer ask about the others.

The last several months have been all about Batman. You also love transformers, and any other superhero your brothers are raving about, but overall, it's Batman. You can recognize the Batman theme song (any of them) from just two or three notes. You now have three Batman capes, and when you were potty training, the toy of choice you earned was a Batman figure from the dollar store. You even refused to answer to anything but "Batman" for several weeks. The nursery workers at church were better at remembering this than Mommy was, but that didn't stop your insistence.

You wanted, and got, a Batman cake for your birthday, and you were so excited you took everyone in the house over to the fridge to show it to them. Repeatedly. I can't complain. Daddy's favorite superhero is Batman too. =)

You want to be big like your brothers. We have almost daily conversations about when you will be big enough to go to school. You know it will be when you're five, but you keep hoping five will come sooner, rather than later. I think you keep asking me, just to make sure I don't forget and you miss the chance. =)

Your transition from diapers caught me by surprise, but it was a happy surprise. You were refusing to go potty, and then one day you refused to wear diapers, and that was it. Of course, to be fair, the thought of missing out on the father/son campout because you were in diapers might have been a motivator. Either way, you did a great job, and overnight, you became so independent.

You can dress yourself, you can put on your shoes, you can get your dishes for lunch, and help me set the table for dinner. You are my helper when your brothers are at school and you relish the responsibility.

I'm also glad that you love to read. Even though your brothers no longer need me to read to them, you will follow me around with a book while I clean until I can sit down and read to you. If Andrew will read to you, it brings you such joy. Your favorites are the David Shannon book, which you have memorized within a day or two of checking them out from the library. Lady got you one of them for your birthday, and you were so excited.

You love your siblings, playing well with Autumn and Andrew especially, since Timothy is gone to school most of the day. You and Autumn will be quite the partners in crime when she's a little older. I'm almost afraid to picture it. =) And I think you will really miss Andrew in the fall when he's in school all day. (And the questions about when you get to go to school will probably increase tenfold.)

Most of all, I love your spirit. You are kind, and loving. You give wonderful hugs and kisses, and you are so caring about those around you. You help the new kids in nursery, and when Autumn is crying (As long as you didn't cause it) you do your best to make her laugh again. More than once have I found you in her crib if I don't make it in there when she first wakes up from her nap.

You are a wonderful blessing, and a special boy. I am so humbled and blessed to be your Mom.

I love you,