Saturday, August 21, 2010

For Timothy, on his 3rd birthday

On August 10 (almost 2 weeks ago), Timothy turned 3. Sadly, Mommy's been a little behind on things, but here it is now. Late, but no less sincere. =)


Three years ago, you joined our little family, and forever changed our lives for the better. Over the last three years, you've taught us so much about ourselves, and about parenting, and we are forever grateful. Your sweet spirit brightens every day.

You started out so tiny and helpless, we couldn't believe you were really ours to raise. Such a tiny miracle. From the beginning though, you captured us all with your sweet spirit and sense of the dramatic. =)

You grew quickly, and won hearts everywhere you went. Your smile and laughter are infectious, and your sweet spirit still has people telling us what an angel you are - no matter who watches you.

Right now you are obsessed with all things fire department related, and we can't leave the library without at least 2 books about firetrucks. Not that you only want firetruck books. You love books of all kinds, and are sad when I cut you off because the library bag is full. Anyone who will read to you is an instant friend.

You are also obsessed with puppies, and have shared this obsession with your little brother. I love to hear the two of you panting and barking in the backseat together. [Although the persistent requests for a puppy or two of your own I could sometimes do without. =)]

You are such a great big brother! You don't always get along with your brother, that's normal, but when you do, it brings joy to my heart. You are always eager to help me with him when he's fussy, and you love to tickle him and make him laugh. He wants to do everything you do, and you are learning to love teaching him.

You also love your Daddy, and think he's the coolest person ever. You especially love to help him with his tools. You have an uncanny sense of knowing just what tool is needed for the job. More than once you've come to me asking for a tool, and it was exactly what Daddy needed...he just hadn't told you what to ask for.

To me, you are still me cuddly boy, who still finds time for hugs in the midst of his busy day. I love your questions, your smiles, the way your mind works- in ways that take me completely by surprise. I am so glad the Lord sent you to our family.

Happy Birthday my son!


Denise said...

Don't feel badly, Luke's big day was July 20th and I just got his post up last night... Happy birthday to Timothy.

wallymetts said...

I still think there's a writer in you.

Timothy will treasure this, as will I.

dnA said...

I still remember how if feels to hold Timothy (as a 9 month-18 month old). Its so neat to see him growing up- Happy Birthday T!