Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Labor Day Camping

We attended our ward's annual Labor Day camp-out again this year. It was much more successful and less stressful than last year. (Something about camping with a 13 month-old rather than a 1 month-old.... I don't know...)

The boys had a blast! They got to roast and eat hotdogs, eat outside! Well, Mommy roasted. T wasn't patient enough to stay near the fire, and A was a little too eager. =) They got to run around and play with friends, and sleep in a tent!

The next morning, we were treated to a wonderful breakfast of Dutch Oven omelets, and pancakes over camp stoves. Especially wonderful since we didn't have to cook it. (I need to work on this, but as now, my camp cooking is limited to hotdogs, and the occasional foil dinner)
After breakfast, we packed up the tent, loaded the car, and took a hike around Kent Lake, which was quite close to the campground. It's a lovely lake, probably a mile and a half or so all the way around, and the path crosses several of these truss bridges:

They're apparently from all around the county, and were refurbished and brought here for all to enjoy their history. There are even signs near each one telling where it came from, and what kind of bridge it is.
All in all, a lovely walk, and a fun weekend. =)