Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween (or, the Saga of the Chicken Rider...)

I meant to do this over a week ago, but that was a bad week. I was exhausted all the time, and generally having an "Oh yeah, this is the FUN part about pregnancy" week. But, this week is much better. And, since several of my friends are also recently posting Halloween pictures, I don't feel as bad. Anyway, here they are:

Taking a cue from his current obsession, Timothy was a fireman this year, thanks to some wonderful friends who came through with an awesome suit. Thankfully, he will take it off now. The week before Halloween, I had to convince him to take it off to sleep. (His obsession is good and strong. We still get at least 2 books on firefighting at the library every week, and I personally have learned more about firetrucks and fire equipment than I ever thought possible.)

We decided to put Andrew in the chicken rider costume that Timothy wore at his age. Mainly because it's the coolest Halloween costume ever. Andrew didn't agree. I think he thought it was trying to eat him.

He did change his mind once people started oohing and aahing over him at the halloween party. Then, when we started trunk-or-treating, and he realized there was candy to be had, he agreed with Mommy that this was the coolest costume ever. Either that or this was the best party he'd ever been too. =)

The Saturday before Halloween, the university hosted "Trick or Treat with the Greeks." I took the boys while John was in meetings, and it turned out to be quite well done. I will definitely tell lots of people about it next year. In addition to a hall of trick or treating, there was coloring, various crafts for different ages (which we didn't sample), treats, games (like pin the tail on the cat) and of course, more treats. We had the chance to make "dirt"cups at one station. Timothy started to get a little shy, but Andrew was all over that. =)

(Cue evil laugh..)

Mommy actually ended up eating most Timothy's dirt cup, but Andrew was pretty adamant about not sharing. He's perfected the evil eye if he thinks you're eating his food. It's pretty cute on a 16 month-old. =)

As we left the student union, heading back to the car, Andrew was again admired by a group of passing college students, and obligingly posed to pictures. It got to the point that if he heard someone coming up behind us on the sidewalk, he's stop, and pose before they even got to us. Oh well, at least he stopped screaming about the costume. (Now if only I can get it clean for the next child...) =)

I think they had fun. Don't you?