Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When it rains....

They say when it rains, it pours. Well, it's been pouring here these last 10 days or so here in our humble home.

First, John called me on a Friday morning to tell me: "I'm in the ER. I think I broke my fingers." (Thank you for qualifying that dear...) He had been setting up seating in the black box theatre, when the side railing collapsed- on the first two fingers of his right hand. Thankfully it wasn't worse, and while frustrating to lose much of the use of his dominant hand, they seem to be healing nicely. John is learning to adapt.

Sunday, Andrew woke up from his in-church nap, but was listless and didn't move from my lap for the next 2 hours. He also started running a fever. I took him home and pushed the fluids, keeping an eye on the fever. I didn't think it would be anything more than a slight bug. Boy was I wrong! He had no appetite the next day, which is very unusual for him. That afternoon, I found out that hand-foot-and-mouth disease was apparently going around at church. The rash appeared a few hours later, but since there wasn't much I could do for him but make him comfortable, that's what we did.

Sadly, that wasn't enough. The poor guy was hungry, but it hurt to eat. His whole body was inflamed in a rash that- while it didn't seem to itch - mad him totally miserable. He couldn't eat, he couldn't sleep, and after three nights of no sleep for anyone but Timothy (who sleeps like the dead) John took him into the ER in desperation. They informed us that this was a particularly bad case (Great...) and to keep him away from everyone until the rash was completely gone. (Quarrantine... Yay...) They did prescribe some baby ibuprofen for the pain, which seemed to help, but seemed anticlimactic for the cost of an ER visit. Oh well, at least he started sleeping.

On the bright side, John was sent home after a day of work, with instructions to stay home until he saw an Ortho. So, while he was frustrated by the inactivity, he was able to help a lot with comforting Andrew so that we could trade off on sleep.
Andrew recovered (except for some rash, so we couldn't leave the house), but then the next Sunday, Timothy came down with a fever and a wheezing cough. I had a momentary panic that we were starting the cycle all over again, but thankfully, no. He has also recovered, and apparently sometimes kids get a bit of a wheeze during a bad cough. Here's hoping that remains the diagnosis. The doctor wants to check in a few days, but she was hopeful.

It hasn't been all bad rain though. Last Friday, John and I were able to witness a glimpse of the next little miracle in our lives. It should be showing up around the end of May. =)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Our camera is slowly dying. It was inevitable I guess. Almost 4 years, and countless times being stolen by a very small photographer, it's done it's time. It's sad though, for such a shutterbug as I. It wasn't anything special, but it's kept track of our lives in that time, and recorded many happy memories.

Anyway, enough without the eulogy. I've discovered that I don't like to blog without pictures. At least about my kids. The blogs seem somehow incomplete. Thankfully, I do have the camera on my phone. The quality isn't good, but at least it's something. I'd hate to miss out on the moments, little and big, in my son's lives. I still take considerably fewer pictures, but at least I'm getting something. (That being said, slideshow to follow) =)

The boys are doing well, and growing like weeds. Andrew especially seems to be in a constant growth spurt. He has about a cup and a half of oatmeal for Breakfast, sometimes with a banana, and sometimes with a handful of dry cereal, and then 2 hours later, he's hungry again. The eating pattern continues throughout the day, especially if he really likes what I serve. I remember T being a good eater at this age, but I don't remember this.... Kind of makes me scared for his teens... =)

Andrew is also very interested in vocabulary now. He's constantly pointing at things and wanting to know the name. He hasn't vocalized much yet, but every so often, he'll come out with a new attempt at words. Of course, his favorite word is "kitty." That one he's had down for a while. I don't think the cats share his enthusiasm though... =)

Timothy constantly amazes us with his imagination. His current fascination is all things fireman, as it has been for a while. Lately though, our house has become the fire station, our car a firetruck, and overtime we leave, we are apparently off to fight a fire. Picking a halloween costume this year is kind of a no-brainer. I also love to hear him play with his cars or little people. He has entire conversations that are just great! Now if only he was so excited about potty training... Oh well, we're getting there.

Anyway, That's the news in our life for now. We're making the most of the beautiful fall weather before hermit-time comes, and enjoying the normal ups and downs of small children. Best part of life, in my humble opinion. =)

Here's a few glimpse of our last couple of months: