Monday, February 16, 2009


Okay, so John's the hero. The pictures were found and only a day later. Actually, Margaret found the pictures, but I did tell her yesterday that the pictures were probably in the house somewhere and we would come across them sometime this week. Turns out the sonogram pictures got put in with the Sunday paper.

How did they get there you ask, I thought Margaret said they were in her purse. Good question. The answer seems to be that we have a really intelligent 18 month old. After finding the pictures, I realized that after we got home yesterday I took Margaret's car keys away from Timothy. Her keys were in her purse which means that at some point in time Timothy got into the purse, assumedly put the pictures on the table with the paper, and got her keys.

Oh well. The pictures have been found, and Margaret says they are beautiful. Frankly, I don't know how you could tell. The baby kind of looks like a deformed peanut with feet.

Not really. I'm actually getting excited about being wrapped around her finger. Thankfully, I can still lay claim to my manhood by disciplining a boy. The girl, I'm sure, will simply turn me into putty.

Well, here's the pictures

The Saga of the Sonogram

So, I've been waiting to post my thoughts on this pregnancy until after my sonogram, so that you could all see Baby's first pictures. That should have been last Tuesday. But due to many extenuating circumstances, and an emotional roller coaster for a easily frustrated pregnant woman, you will have to wait.

Originally we'd scheduled my sonogram for last Tuesday. The midwives figured we were just at the end of my first trimester, and could just make it in for the first trimester screen, if we hurried. Fine with me, I just wanted to see the baby.
Well, when I got there, they told me that my insurance requires a referral from my primary doctor as well as my OB. Hadn't seen the old quack in over a year (looking for a new one, but hadn't gotten around to finding one yet. Haven't had a need), but I called to see if they could help my. Turns out, he's retired, and the new doctor would need to see me first. Great. Don't really want to go back to that practice, so I tell the sonogram people that's I'll call them to reschedule, and very tearily get in my car and drive home. Yay for Hormones...
Thankfully, I'm able to find a new doctor who will see me this week, and it happens to be the same practice a good friend uses, so I figure I'm pretty safe there. They can fit me in Thursday evening, and I reschedule the sono for Friday morning.
THEN, when I get to the Doctor's office on Thursday, my insurance comes up as inactive. They've cashed our check 3 weeks ago, so understandably, I'm confused and upset. I call, but customer services says I have to speak to collections, who terminated my policy. Collections is only open from 9am to 4pm. I have to wait and call the next morning. Oh Goody...
The next morning, when I'm thankfully calmer, I finally get ahold of the collections department, and discover that the departments apparently don't speak to each other. They have my check, but because it was more than 5 days late, it went to the address on the bill, and not some other address that should have gotten it. They fixed it, and I call all the related offices to work out getting this stuff worked out.
The sonogram office can't reschedule, but they're very understanding, and as long as the Doctor's office faxes over the office before they close today, we're okay. So, I get the sonogram, then drop a sleeping Timothy off with my friend Emma on my way to the Doctor. The doctor runs 3 hours late, so I spend my entire afternoon in the waiting room, but I'm surprisingly okay. The end is in sight. I come away with the referral faxed, and the pictures in hand.
Sadly, They fell out of my purse at church on Sunday, but know that they were lovely. I'm actually almost 16 weeks along, instead of nearly 14, like we thought, and, they think it's it a girl! We'll know for sure in a month or so when I go back, and then you'll finally get pictures. But know that we have a healthy baby, and possibly a little sister for Timothy. =)

Speaking of whom, it starting to really worry his Mommy these days...

First, on Thursday, I'm sitting on the couch and am surprised to hear a small voice directly UNDERNEATH me! I have no idea how he got under there. Didn't realize he could even fit. He got a little stuck on the way out, but he was very proud of himself. Then, a few minutes later, as I'm still sitting there trying to finish my grocery list, I hear a strange sound over by the door. This is what I found:
He'd upended the end table, dragged it over to the door, and right after this picture, turned around and unlocked all the locks! Help....

Yesterday, he further astounded us with this behavior: Yep, that's a screwdriver in his hand. In the hole for the screws, and turning it the right way... He of course, made an innocent pose and said "Cheese" as soon as he realized I was taking his picture, but still... The kid is only 18 months old! And I'm about to have another one to take care of. I'm gonna have to move the night latch out of reach, and hide all the tools every time I go to nurse the baby... =) He sure is a cutie though, and we're amused by him as much as amazed. But I would appreciate any extreme childproofing tips you have... =)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Uhhhmmm....... Yeah.....


You ask, gee, why hasn't John posted a blog in a while. I sure do miss reading his thrilling writings. He's the most amazing person I've ever met, etc. etc. etc.

Well, at ease fan club of mine. I'm back. My overdue absence from blogging will be explained momentarily.

Margaret and I have gotten some news recently. We were not telling anyone because this news came as a surprise to us and we weren't exactly prepared to receive it. However, after a trip to the temple last week and another trip to the doctor yesterday we have realized that we need to let others know that we....


Yeah. It really had nothing to do with what we felt at the temple as much as we realized this is getting kind of hard to hide anymore. Sometimes the Lord has plans that we didn't realize he had, and this is one of those cases. However, we are really excited to have this new child into our lives.

Yesterday, Margaret had her first midwife appointment and we were able to hear the heart beat along with a couple of well aimed kicks directly at the heart monitor. Because we weren't expecting this, we found out Margaret was pregnant a little later than usual. The baby's due date is August 8. Two days before Timothy turns two. Turns out the flu that she had in December probably wasn't the flu at all.

The lesson here is that you can do all the family planning you want. It doesn't matter. The Lord has plans that are greater than all of our plans.