Friday, July 30, 2010

My Baby is One!

One year ago today, Andrew Joel Keisling joined our family, and life has never been the same. We can't imagine life without his smile, his laugh, or his irrepressible determination. =)

Andrew my son, you came to us quickly (once you decided to come) and energetically. Your coming was greeted eagerly by many family and friends, especially your big brother.

10 days after your birth, we moved half way across the country. (As it turns out, newborns travel really well, since they still sleep most of the time.)

Once you became aware of the world around you, it had your full attention. You were constantly watching, observing, and trying to explore. It was very frustrating for you that you were so limited at first, but it never stopped you from trying.

Then you were on the move, and nothing was safe. =)

You love balls, kitty cats, and food of all kinds, but most of all you love your big brother. He is the coolest person in your world, and you want to do everything he does.

We love you Andrew Joel! Happy 1st Birthday!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Of bikes and car collisions

Since we've moved here, John has taken advantage of the bike-friendly paths, and the short distance to work, and has biked whenever he can. Monday morning, I got the called that every wife dreads:
"Mrs. Keisling, this is the Coralville Police Department-" (at which point I kind of stopped comprehending things for a minute)

As soon as I was able to understand that John was okay, I was able to start breathing again. The policeman assured me that while my husband had been hit by a car, he seemed okay (nothing broken), and was just on his way to the hospital for observation. His things were at the police station when we were ready to pick them up.

I called John's cell, and he sounded okay. He in the ambulance, and said he'd call me as soon as they were done checking him out at the ER. He might even go into work after he was done.

Eventually, I was able to put the whole story together:
John was biking to work, and had the "walk" sign in his favor. A car at the cross street began turning right without checking for pedestrians, and ran into him. Thankfully, neither of them were going very fast, so while John was thrown onto the hood of the car, then onto the road, nothing was broken. Just very badly bruised.
The ambulance took him to the ER where they took over a dozen x-rays of every possible broken area, especially his ankle, which swelled alarmingly. Then they put him on some fun pain medication, and let him sleep for a little while before he called me to come pick him up around lunchtime.

Needless to say, he didn't go into work that day. He's still so sore today that he hasn't gone in more than a few minutes. There are some really pretty bruises forming, but he has happy oxy-codiene when the pain gets really bad, and he's spent a lot of time just resting. Timothy has been really helpful in "taking care of Daddy" bringing him water, ace packs, and whatever else he needs. It's so sweet! (of course, for Timothy, the highlight of Monday was seeing the ambulance that brought Daddy to the hospital)

While John is recovering, his bike may not. Thankfully the other guy's insurance is going to pay for repairs or a new bike, depending on the extent of the damage. Mostly it's the wheel that's ruined, but we'll see about the frame when we take it to the repair shop.

In the meantime, I am amazed at and grateful for God's protection in our lives. According to the police officer, John's accident was fairly minor compared to many he's seen. And, since John's vacation starts next week, he has extra time to recover. =)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday John!

Thursday was John's Birthday, and we made a weekend of it.

Thursday night, John came home to a homemade sign that I cut out after Timothy colored. "Happy Birthday Daddy!", and some decent grill tools. These he promptly put to use with his very yummy steaks. The boys enjoyed them almost as much as we did. Timothy put a piece in his mouth and said "Steak Daddy! Moo!"

Friday John and I went to see one of his summer stock shows, while the boys stayed with some wonderful friends. Then on Saturday, we headed up to Cedar Rapids for a Minor League Baseball game. Birthday money from John's Mom bought us dinner out, and from my parents, great seats five rows behind home plate.

We were close enough to see all the action, and the boys loved that they got to high-five the mascot. The game closed with Fireworks, which the boys both loved. John was happy that he got to take his boys to the game, and it didn't hurt that the home team won. =)

4th fun at the Keislings

This 4th was a fun mixture of low-key and frantic. Frantic because we had to leave our complex and hour and a half before church so that we wouldn't get blocked in from the parade route. Low-key because we had a nice finger-food dinner with friends.

The neighbors hosted a little party, at which there was LOTS of food, some good conversation, and a massive rainstorm. Thankfully the last part waited until after we ate, and was gone in time for the fireworks. We had some sparklers and confetti poppers (Iowa has the strictest fireworks laws I've ever seen), and the boys had a blast.

They ate well, especially Andrew, who went around helping himself to whatever anyone would give him, and Timothy himself put away a substantial amount of food. He seemed to especially enjoy the baked beans.... =)

Timothy got his first sparklers, which he really loved. And John discovered just how fast 25 sparklers burn when they're tied together. (Now to keep small boys from imitating Daddy....) At dark, we walked a few blocks toward the park for a good view of the fireworks. They were pretty impressive for a small town. A good 4th all around. =)

Father/Son Campout

Around the first of June, John and Timothy went on their very first Father/Son Campout. Much fun and yummy food was had by all. =)

June in Summary


Every time I've sat down to blog lately, I just don't seem to get it done for one reason or another. So here's a quick recap of our busy busy June:

About mid-month, a huge summer storm hit. Midwest summer storms themselves are nothing to sneeze at, and are part of my favorite part of summer. This one however, knocked out enough power stations around town to make most of us here powerless for 18-30 hours. We, thankfully were about mid-way there, and only lost it for about 24. We didn't lose any food to speak of, and actually made it into a kind of party. Most of our neighbors joined us outside, where we talked, relaxed, and enjoyed the breeze. The boys loved it! They got to eat outside, they got to play with everyone,

and we even pulled out the kiddie pool...Until we found ou
t the condo association doesn't allow them. =(

Oh well, they finally opened the pool about the time the power came back on, so that made it all better.
Timothy has really blossomed in the pool. Within a week, probably about 4 sessions, he went from clinging to me like a leech, to paddling all around the shallow end by himself. Of course, he has floaties, but his confidence is building, and we're working on learning to kick, and move his arms. He may not be swimming without the floaties by the end of the summer, but we're making strides just the same!

Andrew on the other hand, has had no fear in the pool. He keeps trying to swim away from me. If I drape him over my arm, he'll kick and paddle quite energetically. Would probably take off if I let him... But I want him to stop swallowing the pool water first. =)

Oh, and I've discovered a great bonus to frequent pool trips. Tired little boys who sleep well. If it's right after lunch, they even both take naps. Something that hasn't happened in a while!

In other news, We've also moved Andrew from his clip-on high chair...

... to a big boy booster. We probably would have put this move off, but our little Houdini was spending too much time on top of the table - in spite of the five-point harness. The booster has a waist strap, and so far he's stayed put. Seems pretty happy about it too. =)

My birthday was also in June, but the only picture I have is this one:

Everyone sent money, John took me to Half-Price Books, and told me I had to spend it all there. I think I pretty well, don't you? =)