Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday John!

Thursday was John's Birthday, and we made a weekend of it.

Thursday night, John came home to a homemade sign that I cut out after Timothy colored. "Happy Birthday Daddy!", and some decent grill tools. These he promptly put to use with his very yummy steaks. The boys enjoyed them almost as much as we did. Timothy put a piece in his mouth and said "Steak Daddy! Moo!"

Friday John and I went to see one of his summer stock shows, while the boys stayed with some wonderful friends. Then on Saturday, we headed up to Cedar Rapids for a Minor League Baseball game. Birthday money from John's Mom bought us dinner out, and from my parents, great seats five rows behind home plate.

We were close enough to see all the action, and the boys loved that they got to high-five the mascot. The game closed with Fireworks, which the boys both loved. John was happy that he got to take his boys to the game, and it didn't hurt that the home team won. =)

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wallymetts said...

Glad it was such a wonderful day. Give my love to the man.