Sunday, August 11, 2013

St George

One weekend, we took advantage of a rare Saturday that John had off and went down to St George UT, about 45 minutes south. The difference in altitude was about 1500 feet, so the temperature was much warmer. It was hot, but we had fun. 

We found a place called Pioneer Park, just above the city. It was advertised as family friendly and good for small children. It was right. We found a few places to hike, and the boys loved it. The first place we stopped had a small canyon of sorts, and was much cooler than the rest of the park. It was a nice place to start. 

Andrew wasn't so sure about climbing up the crevice though. He was content to check out the dirt floor for a while.

John found a place to scale to the top, and I had to work to keep Timothy from following right behind. 

Then we found a place to climb and overlook the city. It wasn't too had of a climb, but challenging for the boys, who bravely pressed on.

It was totally worth it. =)

 And of course, we had to check out every "cave" we found. =)


Bonus Pic. Love this one. =)

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