Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mountain Hiking

One Saturday, since it was too hot to do much else, we escaped up the pass and went hiking in the mountains. Timothy was thrilled! I found a few trails that were advertised as family friendly, and easy enough for small children, and off we went. 

The first one was pretty flat, and was more of a forest hike. It led to an overlook where we could see all the way to Zions National Park. Pretty, but not quite what we'd had in mind. It did boast some bristlecone pines that were supposedly some of the oldest trees in the area. 

The next trail was Cascade Falls Trail. This one was full of breathtaking views, which I didn't capture fully because I was too worried about a certain 5 year-old falling off the mountain. We finally reached a compromise where he didn't roam too far ahead (Farther than I wanted, but...) and I admitted that he was big enough to be careful. We made it to the falls without incident. 

 The falls weren't really big, but apparently they were created from a crack in the bottom of Navajo lake nearby. Still, the views made it worth the trip. And, Mommy learned about loosening the apron strings... =)

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