Sunday, August 11, 2013

More Summer Fun

So... This is way overdue, but here's the beginning of my catch-up posts from the summer. 

Daddy's schedule took off, and we didn't see him much the second half of the summer, but we kept busy in many ways. Nathan enjoyed the lack of baby locks...

 Learned how to climb....
And how to walk!

We did take advantage of every moment we did have with Daddy

Someone lost his first tooth! =)

We found more parks

And a lake. (A very cold lake)

And when we could we ran away and reunited with friends


 There was also a lot of this...

Apparently not having bunk beds, or a lot a toys, let to some creative moments. Thankfully, more of them involved mattresses, and only a few involved flooding the bathroom. ... At least once I turned off the sink in their room. =)

 We took them to see the Greenshow at the festival. Outdoors, and kid friendly. They loved it. Nathan was entranced. He was glued to the stage for the whole 40 minutes.  It's good to know we're raising them right. =)

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