Thursday, August 22, 2013

Big Hole in the Ground

After our whirlwind weekend, there was one more stop before heading back east: The Grand Canyon. We'd seen pictured before, but they just didn't do it justice. Neither do these. It was absolutely breathtaking.

They had a junior ranger program, which the boys go all excited about. They had to find things like squirrels, condors, and all kinds of rocks. One bigger than they were. That seemed to be their favorite part. =)

They attended a park ranger story time

Saw some Native American Hoop Dancers

And took lots of pictures

 Nathan got tired of the pictures, but he was happy to show me his belly button (New word of the week) 

 Finally, they earned their junior ranger badges, and were officially sworn in. So proud. =)

All that rangering can wear a fella out. =)

 Daddy and Mommy stopped for a few more views before we left for good.

Amazing day. So glad we took the time to stop. 

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