Thursday, March 3, 2011

February Recap.

It's been a busy couple of months around here, illnesses, snowstorms, and all the normal havoc of our lives. I haven't felt much like blogging. But, it's time to play catch up again, so that hopefully we can actually stay on top of new news... =)

The snowstorm started out our month, with 16 inches dumped on our little town, and drifts up to 4 feet around our house. John had to dig out our doorway, since the drift on our porch nearly covered the railing. Timothy was thrilled, but Andrew not so much.. at least until we let him sled down the drifts... =)

Sadly, the storm was followed by extremely cold weather - highs in the single digits, and lows reaching negative 30. We stayed inside a lot and didn't get to play in in before it all melted. But we made up for that when the weather turned. It got up to almost 60 about ten days later, and we thoroughly took advantage of that. =)

Or course, it's now cold again, but the warmth was nice while it lasted. A reminder of things to come. =)

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