Saturday, March 19, 2011

Family Photo

Last week, as we picked Andrew up from nursery, they asked us to bring a family photo for the lesson the next week. This would be great... if we had one. I suddenly realized something that had been at the back of my mind for the last few months, but I hadn't done anything about: We have no family photo. In fact, we haven't had a shot of all four of us since we moved here- when Andrew was a newborn.

Since we haven't really had time to go schedule something formal, we persuaded a neighbor to take a shot for us. It's nothing fancy, but here's proof that there are indeed 4 of us. =)

Aren't we cute?


Michael J Metts said...

Yes. You are cute :-)

Mandy said...

Simply adorable. :-)

Oh yeah, the boys are cute too.

John and Margaret said...

Thanks guys. =)

Sadly, out of the three shots, that had the most of us looking at the camera, with the best smiles. But our neighbor is a bit gun-shy about "newfangled tech-nol-ogy", so I didn't want to push him. I do need to get a decent shot soon though. =)

Michelle said...

Nice picture. At least now you have something. It's hard to get young children to look up and smile. If you want, just bring your camera to church and I'll take a picture of you all after the meetings, or right before when you are all "Fresh looking" and I'll take a few shots so you can have a nice one. We have many family photos taken at the church building from over the years, it was one of the only times we could get everyone dressed up.

John and Margaret said...

I may just do that. I actually brought the camera to church today, since everyone looked so nice, but then completely forgot to have anyone record it. =)

wallymetts said...

I like your hair comb. :)

And yes you are all cute. Even John.