Friday, March 4, 2011

Growing boys...

My boys are growing so fast these days! Sometimes it seems that I can hardly keep up. Here's a few highlights:

Our firstborn is constantly amazing us with the things that come out of his mouth. He's learning jokes, and finds them absolutely hysterical. He finally gets knock-knock jokes, and his favorite is: "Knock knock."
"Who's there?"
"Boo Who?"
Don't cry, it's only a joke!" (Insert manic laughter here)

He graduated from nursery in January, and is so excited to be one of the "big kids." He loves to help with Andrew, although sometimes more and Andrew would like... =) He dresses himself, and is learning to dress quickly when he wants to eat breakfast. We got some preschool scissors, and he's had all kinds of fun learning to use them, and glue stick. Here's some of his creations.

He also likes to work with tools, and sometimes uses his mechanical skills in surprising ways. I didn't know my end table was so easy to take apart....

He also surprised us the other day when he tried to write his name all by himself. You can make out the first three letters. We've been practicing, so hopefully the others will be clearer soon.

Our little man is getting so big! He's constantly trying to follow in Daddy and Big brother's footsteps.
He loves to read, and will plop in my lap with a book anytime I sit down, and he LOVES storytime with Daddy at night.

He's learning more and more words every day, and loves to explore. Sadly, he's so busy, it's hard to get him to sit still for a photo, so most of his shots look like this:
Unless he's eating, then I can get all want:

He's my little helper though: Dishes, sweeping the floor, he even likes to pick up toys. Here's hoping that lasts. =)
The best part though, is to see them play together. I love that sight!


Pilgrim said...

very nice.

a great photo essay

and some great kids. :)

Pilgrim said...

actually this is dad. it think Pil was signed in on google on my laptop