Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Car Seats

Margaret and I only have one car. I sometimes wish that we had a 2nd vehicle, but we don't really need one where we live. When it's nice out, I ride my bike to work, and when it's not the city bus system is quite reliable. Other than church, work is the only place I go on a consistent basis, so Margaret drives the car much more regularly than I do.

Tonight, however, I had a meeting with the Bishop. As I went to get in the car, my knees were shoved into my chest and I nearly lost my breath. Once again, the seat had not been pushed back to where a normal sized person could actually get into the car. This always makes me a little irritated, but no matter how many times I ask, Margaret never seems to think about it.

First, I don't understand how she can drive that close to the steering wheel. I know I'm taller than her, but it's not like she's that short. I think Timothy could reach the pedals with where she has the seat at.

Second, I don't know that she does (or ever will for that matter) have any idea how uncomfortable it is for me when I get in the car and this happens. She would probably tell you it's my fault for not checking before I get in the car, but I say that is nonsense. My friend Scott once told me that he broke his wife of this habit by leaving the toilet seat up everytime she didn't push the car seat back. I guarantee you that if Margaret fell in the toilet she would not say it was her fault, but would instead have it out with me.

As I was driving home, an hour later, my mind somehow wandered back to this incident, and I decided that I would have a talk with Margaret about this. That is until I walked in the house and there was pie. Not just any pie either, lemon meringue pie, which happens to be my favorite pie. Not only is it my favorite pie, but Margaret doesn't really like it, so when she makes it I know it is a special treat she made just for me.

So I ate the pie, and forgot about the seat. Moral of the story is I will just keep pushing the car seat back instead of leaving the toilet seat up (at least until we get a 2nd vehicle) because I love my wife that much. And if she keeps making pie, I may have to push it back just a little bit further.


Denise said...

I hope you mean that you will keep pushing the toilet seat down. I have to take Megs side on this one. The last think I would think about after getting home is pushing the car seat back especially when I have to get two kiddos out of the car. Good job on your choice. :0)

And, congrats on the new gig.

Mama Llama-Karen said...

it's funny how these things can be a pain. I have the same problem if Tori drives. Fortunetly, she has her own car now, because the lever on the van seat broke from being adjusted so much. Now it is very very hard to adjust.
I also agree with Denise, it's hard to remember those things when you have little ones wanting out and needing help. Do you remember to adjust it forward for her when you are done using it? ;) Love you John!!!

Alison said...

What a nice wife! Congrats on the new job.