Sunday, August 3, 2014

Turning 5


And now you are five. I can't believe how you've grown. Yes, I will probably say this every year, but it's true. See?

This year, you finally got to go to school (Pre-K), and you loved every minute of it. You of course charmed your teachers, and I think they were more sorry than you for the school year to end. You learned so much, and it was a joy to see. The ride home every day was usually all about what you did. Unless you were hungry, in which case you'd plan out your lunch. =)

By the end of the year, you were reading far above your grade level. You attribute this to Timothy's tutelage, but you had a lot to do with it too. While I have to admit, I miss not reading our way through the library bag, I love to see you and Timothy sitting on the couch each reading your stacks of books. It brings joy to this bookworm's heart. (Apparently so much that I forgot to take pictures.) And you still want to be read to, so I can keep you close a little longer…

You are such a great helper too. You have a little sister now, and you are her sworn protector. You only sing the first part of "Rock-a-bye-Baby" because you don't want her to be scared by the second part. You always have time to say hi to her, and snuggle her (even if she's too intent on going places lately to appreciate the latter).

You've had some crazy adventures this year. Some were fun, like a new sister, and moving to a new state. And some were a little scary for Mom and Dad, like that three day hospital stay for your asthma. Thankfully, moving halfway across the country seems to have cleared that up.

Through it all, you've kept a wonderful and cheerful spirit, charming the hearts of everyone you've met. From teachers, to nurses, to total strangers, everyone loves you. As they should. You have a wonderful spirit, so loving and giving. Never lose that.

We love you, and we are thankful every day to have you in our family.


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