Saturday, August 16, 2014

Seven Years...


When did you get so big? I turn around, and you're not a little boy anymore. You're this gangly seven year old who's too big for me to pick up. You wear size two shoes, which means you'll probably have bigger feet than me by the time you're ten. You got a skateboard for your birthday, and you are so smart! My baby is growing up, and as always, we're in uncharted territory.

This year, you welcomed a baby sister, discovered chapter books, finished first grade, and moved across the country on yet another adventure. If we don't count our summer in Utah, that's four states since you were born. In each one you have adjusted with amazing aplomb and cheerfulness that is so wonderful. We are so proud of you for this and so many other reasons.

I introduced you to chapter books this spring, and it was as if I'd opened a whole wonderful new world, which is true. =) You found the "Magic Treehouse" series and read all 50-some books in less than two months. If we didn't know where you were, it was a pretty good bet that you were upstairs nose-deep in the latest book. I made extra trips to the library to keep you supplied, and I couldn't have been prouder. I'm so glad that you read, and that you love history so much. You've found several other series that you like since, but you still talk about the things you learned in Magic Treehouse books. When you found out we'd be near Gettysburg now, you made me promise that we'd go see where Lincoln gave his famous address. We haven't made it yet, but we will. =)

You still love the color blue, and you still want to be a firefighter when you grow up, but you've also found many new loves. If you're not reading, you're probably playing Legos. You got a Star Wars X-Wing fighter for Christmas, and put it together almost all by yourself. It took you most of the day, but you did it. You were so proud of yourself, and rightly so.

All of your sibling look up to you, each in their own way. To Andrew, you are a best friend and confidante. To Nathan, you are exactly who he wants to be, and he imitates you all. the. time. Sometimes this frustrates you, and sometimes it makes you laugh, but it will continue to happen. Please remember that before you act.

I'm not sure exactly what you are to Autumn, but I know her face lights up on seeing you, in a way that not even Daddy gets. I can't blame them. You are a pretty cool big brother. I love to see you play with each of them in a way that makes them so happy.

You are great at helping in so many ways. You like to do chores, as long as it's not cleaning your room, and I need to take more advantage of that. Once we get into our new house,  we'll work on a regular chore chart, but for now, thank you for the help you give.

This year you will be going into Second Grade, and you are super excited. I'm excited too. You will learn new things, and make new friends… and since we're buying a house, hopefully you can keep these classmates for a long time. No more new schools in the foreseeable future.

Here's to another year ahead, full of wonderful adventures. Happy Birthday my son!

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