Thursday, January 1, 2015

Baby Girls Turns One (belated)


I'm sorry this is almost three months late. Your birthday literally fell in the middle of our move (we were actually in between houses on your special day), and then with the unpacking and everything, Mommy is only just recovering enough to think about blogging. I trust this won't cost you too much in therapy down the road. =)

Little girl, you have brought so much joy into our lives. You are Daddy's little princess, Mommy's little sweetheart, and so adored by your brothers that sometimes you protest their demonstrations of love. =) When Nathan met you, we weren't sure if he would understand what was happening, but he went right up to you, and declared "Baby. Sister." Then he gave you the first kiss he'd ever given. You two have been best friends ever since.

The last year has brought a lot of changes for us all, and you have handled them so well, always such a happy little girl. Everywhere you go, you know instantly how to charm people, and aren't afraid of strangers. Considering how many you've met in your short life, that's pretty impressive.

You have taken your own time about everything, labor, sitting up, crawling, and now you resist Daddy's best efforts to encourage your walking. Although, Lady says I was the same way. Except for the climbing. That one you get from watching your big brothers. =)

You are into EVERYTHING! If you can reach it, it must  be rearranged, removed, or thrown to the floor. Or eaten. You were very proud of yourself the first time you managed to finish off the snacks left on the table. This summer I couldn't install baby locks, so I just had to arrange the cupboards accordingly, and let you have fun. In our new house, I've been able to do the same. It's been a bit messy, it's okay. Almost nothing has been broken. =)

You also love to talk. You could say Mama, Dada, Ba-ba (Brother), Dog-dog, Ki-cat, 'nack, and bye-bye all by your birthday, and keep adding all the time. I love to watch you read to yourself and hear you jabber away.

I also have to confess that I'm enjoying finally having some pink in the house. Your brothers play with your stroller almost more than you do, and you are all about their cars, but it's still nice to bring a balance of sorts. =)

We love you baby girl, and are so grateful for your wonderful spirit your wonderful adorable smile. We'll try not to spoil you too much. Well, I'll try, you have the men in this family firmly under your spell. =)

Happy Belated Birthday.
Love, Mom

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