Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Timothy is four today!

My Dearest Timothy,
Today you are four! You are such a big boy! You have grown from a happy, chubby little baby, to a smart, intense, and independent young man. You have recently discovered, and love to tell people that you have three names: "Timothy David Keisling." You love to share with me all the new revelations that you are discovering about the world around you, and I love to hear them. Family relationships, such as how your grandparents are your parents, parents, fascinate you, and you reiterate them often.
You love to help me with chores, especially cooking, and want to help by showing your brother how it's done... even if he doesn't want to know. =) You love to be a big brother though, and he loves you. When you two are playing together, it's one of my favorite sights and sounds.
I love to listen to you when you're playing alone also. The conversations that you have with the characters in whatever story you're acting out, is so neat to hear. Your imagination constantly surprises me and makes me proud. You have decided that you want to be a fireman when you grow up, and remind me often of this goal. Never lose that determination. =)
Last week, you got your first library card, and you were so excited! You danced up and down with excitement, and when it was in your hand, you had to show it to someone. Then, as you played, you wouldn't put it down, but gripped it as if you would never let it out of your sight. I'm glad that I have managed to pass on my love of reading to you, even if I do sometimes wish you'd discover another author besides Richard Scarry. =)

I love to cuddle with you, and I love that you still do too. You are growing up, but you are still my little man. You make me proud to be your Mom, and I am so glad that you are part of our family!

Happy Birthday Timothy!


Life and times of the doctor's wife said...

So cute! Miss you all :0)

Kenneth Kenworthy said...

This was such a beautiful post! Made me miss all of you even more. Hopefully won't be too long before I get to see y'all again.

Michelle said...

Those years go so fast. Great post.

wallymetts said...

Little man is right. Sometimes he reminds me of Michael's seriousness at that age. And sometime you remind me of me. :)

Keep writing.