Wednesday, October 5, 2011



Finally, after a long absence, I'm going to attempt to catch y'all up on our life. Or at least the highlights.

As July ended, we said our many goodbyes to friends in Iowa. My wonderful mother came out to help us clean before the move, and the boys had a great time with her. Tea Time with Lady is still still remembered with fondness.

Then, on August 1st, we pulled out for Florida, and 3 years of grad school. The drive down wasn't bad. We took our time, staying in a hotel the first night, and with some old friends the second night.

When we arrived, our stuff was delayed, so we started working on all the other stuff that didn't require unpacking. It's amazing how much paperwork is involved in getting residency for grad school, and not just grad school. I don't want to bore you with details, but let's just say, I don't remember having this many things to do immediately after the last few moves. On the upside, we found and enjoyed the library when we weren't running around. Always important to know when moving. =)

We finally got our stuff, finished most of the paperwork, did the back-to-school shopping, and it was time to start school. We had 2 this year. John in grad school, and Timothy in Pre-K. Florida does a 15 hour/week voluntary pre-k, and we thought we'd see how he did. T was SO excited.Mommy was a lot more nervous than he, although when I dropped him off the first day, he did look a little scared. He came home bubbling though, and that hasn't dimmed.

Here's a shot of my big boys going off for their first day of school. Aren't they cute?

Life has been well for the rest of us here at home as well. Andrew doesn't nap any more, but he's really enjoying the Mommy time he's getting. (The ice cream was free btw, outside the grocery store.)

Hopefully he doesn't get too upset in May when he has to share me with the baby.

Oh, that's the other bit of news. We're expecting again! We're very excited. Timothy probably most of all. He's constantly asking me questions, and wanting to know how big the baby is, and what it looks like, and if it's grown since yesterday.... We had a 3 day long conversation about umbilical cords, which was so cute. I think he's finally wrapped his head around it though. The due date is around the first of may, so we're hoping this one stays in the whole time so Daddy can finish his exams... Either way though, we'll keep you posted on the development of this newest little one. =)

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