Sunday, July 31, 2011

For Andrew, on his Second Birthday

(More pictures to follow)


2 years ago, you joined us, just before a major move. You were tiny and precious, and we were so excited for you to be here. Your big brother Timothy was especially excited to get a brother.

Now, we're making another major move, and we are still so excited for you to be here. You have grown so much. From that tiny infant, to the wonderful boy you are now. Your current favorite phrase is "Big Boy," and you want to be one so badly. Anything your big brother does, you must do too...And pretty much anything Daddy does too. They are your examples, and you think the world of them.

It seems you are always on the go, although that's normal for your age. You want to always be doing something. Until you could move on your own, you always seemed so frustrated. Now, there is very little that stands in your way.

You are just fearless! While Timothy had to warm up to the pool this summer, you literally jumped right in. (Thankfully you waited until I got your floaties in first, but only just.) This trait is true in almost any situation. Sometimes you pretend to be shy around people, but it's only an act. You know those baby blues will soon have people eating out of your hand.

Your smile will light up a room, and always makes my day brighter. But, I love the way you cuddle too. Especially when you're feeling sleepy, or just waking up. You wake up slowly, like your Mommy, and resent being rushed, even though your brother has been waiting and waiting for your nap to be over. =)

You are strong-willed, but compassionate too. You will stop your play to try to comfort a hurt crying child. Usually you clown to try to make them laugh, but you will hug them if they need it. I love that about you.

You don't seem to feel the need to talk much, probably because your brother is happy to do it for you, but lately you have been naming everything, so maybe the words aren't far off. I'm excited to hear what's going on in your head.

Andrew, we are so blessed to be your parents. There is so much inside you, and we can't wait to see it all come out as you grow. Happy Birthday Little Man!


Mandy said...

We love you so much little man!!! Many hugs & kisses from Aunt Mandy, Uncle J & Tessa.

wallymetts said...

So why is it you don't write more? Oh, the two year old. But you have wonderfully expressed your love for him, and thoughtfully described his strengths.

I love you both.