Saturday, July 23, 2011


Six years ago today, Margaret and I were married. (Since I'm write this at 1:30 in the morning, it was technically yesterday)

In past years, we've tried to make our anniversary a romantic occasion, with candlelight dinners, evenings out, etc. This year was a lot more quiet than usual. We're preparing for a move and are simply busy right now.

I had taken the week off to help with packing the house for our upcoming move. I ran in for a Dr. Appointment this morning, Margaret did some grocery shopping while Andrew was taking a nap, and we went to Best Buy to look at lap tops for my schooling this fall.

We did have a young woman from our church babysit our children this evening and we went out for a simple meal at a Greek restaurant, and saw oneof the plays I had worked on at the University.

I did spend a lot of time thinking about the last six years today, however. A lot has happened in that short amount of time. We've moved 4 times to three different states, and will be moving for a fifth time next week. We've had trials, blessings, and just plain normal days. The biggest blessings we've had are definitely our two children, Timothy and Andrew.

I can no longer imagine what my life would be like without the boys in my life. Last week, Timothy told me that I was his best friend. I like to think that Andrew feels the same way, he just doesn't talk much yet.

The past few days I've been thinking a lot about consecration. Specifically what it truly means to be wholly consecrated unto the Lord. To me the word consecration means more than committed, maybe even more than dedicated. It means that all I have I give to the Lord. My children are in the Lord's care. I am his steward to provide for them on this earth. That I understand.

I'm beginning to realize that it is the same not only with my marriage but with my wife. She is in the Lord's care. I have trust in Him in that. What I am beginning to understand after six years of marriage is that I am His steward for her as well as for my children. Not only is it my duty to provide physically for her, it is my duty to lead the family in our Spiritual lives as well.

That involves a lot. More than I can understand now. What I do know is that she deserves it. Margaret is one of the most spiritually sensitive people I have ever met. She is quiet about it, never flaunting, and always humble. I have learned a lot about communing with the Spirit from her. Because of this, I believe the Lord holds me to a high standard.

Margaret, on our anniversary I want you to know that I want to grow to be this man. Because I love you, and more importantly, because I love the Lord. Thank you for being patient with me while I continue to learn what this means. Thank you for all you are, and for all you give to our family. I love you.

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Denise said...

John, that was one of the sweetest things I've read.