Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Weekend...

It's been a long month for us, and not a very healthy one. I blame the weather, at least partially. It's hard to stay healthy when the temperatures soar to the 80s, then drop to the 30s again, all in the course of a week, then repeat, with slightly lower highs. We've had a few nice days this month, but not many. Not nearly enough for my cabin fever-ridden little boys, or for my poor husband, whose health has followed the temperature's rising and soaring.

A week before Easter it snowed, John and Andrew both got sick. John finally saw the ENT, and is scheduled to have his tonsils taken out in May. Andrew got better, and has been fine since. John on the other hand....

Good Friday was nasty, cold and wet. John's tonsils responded appropriately, and he went to bed early with a fever and chills. I was strangely not sleepy, and was still awake when he came down at midnight because he'd awakened gasping for air. This seemed to merit a late-night trip to the ER, so I started making phone calls. Finally I got ahold of a wonderful friend who came and slept on our couch so I wouldn't have to wake the boys, and we headed off. After four hours in the ER, John's swelling was down. They opted not to take his tonsils that night (we asked) since he was already scheduled for surgery, and sent us home with the appropriate prescriptions for painkillers and such. John commented that this was our first all-nighter together. It wasn't. But after the other two, we got to come home with babies. We headed home and were asleep shortly after 5:15am.

At 6:15 am, Andrew woke me up. He had a poopy diaper and wanted me to change it. I did, and tried to persuade him to go back to sleep. When that didn't work, I found a kid's program on TV until I was able to drag myself into some sort of consciousness. Another wonderful friend came and took the boys for a few hours later that morning, so we could try to get a little more sleep, and I picked them up just in time for lunch and naps.

After naptime, since I'd been promising Timothy all week, and since it doesn't seem like Easter weekend without it, we made Rice Krispy Treat Bunnies. It's a tradition started by my parents, and vigorously carried on by my brother and myself. It's a fun alternative to the chocolate ones.

Timothy loved it, and Andrew... well, he was our taste tester.

They turned out pretty well, don't you think?

We opted not to color eggs or have an egg hunt this year. Mommy and Daddy were too tired to do a lot. They didn't seem to miss it, especially when they got home from church to find all kind of fun little toys in their Easter baskets. (Mommy's a fan of the dollar section over the candy section, although there was some candy too.)

We enjoyed a lovely Easter dinner with a friend from church and her little girl, and then tried to go to bed early. It takes a while to catch up after an all-nighter. =)

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Mandy said...

Damn poor thing! All of you!! Hugs to to the lot of you, though distant ones to John, as I still have my tonsils & am prone to infections as well....much, much love, all around.