Sunday, May 9, 2010

And... We're back

Okay, so we realize we haven't blogged in a ridiculously long time, but it wasn't because we were crazy busy, just normal busy. It was the computer's fault. Really.

The first weekend in April, our computer, which served us well for the last 5 years, suddenly went caput. Thankfully, we found a nice professional who was able to retrieve at least out pictures and a few other essential files. We're still missing a lot of files, but we have a friend who has kindly offered to try to retrieve them in his spare time.

You know, you never fully realize how much you depend on your computer until it's gone. Five years of files, pictures (well, most of those were on a separate drive, so it was only about 6 months), software you've downloaded and take for granted, internet bookmarks, and about 2000 book titles in my delicious library. All gone. It's been weird to have to re
build. But on the bright side, the new computer comes with happy new software, inc
luding a program called Time Machine, which backs up the computer every night, to prevent losing all that information again. =)

In the meantime, I've still been taking pictures, and keeping busy noting my boy's growth and enjoyment of life.

The first news is John's though. The same day the computer died, he got a new toy that he's been wanting for a while. We shopped around, and found a good deal, and he's thoroughly enjoying it.
I think we've cooked almost half our meals out there in the last month. =)

Timothy has become quite the photographer... whenever he can steal the camera. I keep having to hide it, which results in my not always being able to find it when I want it. I think I may spring for a really cheap digital for his birthday. He's not too bad. (Although I will admit to cropping on occasion.)

Our Easter was pretty fun this year. Timothy participated in his very first egg hunt. He didn't get it at first, but then we had to pull him off the hunt when he hit his limit, and he wasn't too happy... At least until we showed him the contents of the eggs... (Oh, and he's still too small to notice when I snuck most of his haul...) We also went to a "spring days" petting zoo in the area, and both boys loved all the animals, especially the baby chicks. (We're working on Andrew not pulling fur and feathers)

Andrew's getting bigger every day, and his appetite is keeping pace. We are constantly amazed at how much he eats. A few weeks ago, it was a whole grilled fish filet! He's close to walking (has the concept, just not the balance yet) and wants to do everything his big brother does. They're starting to play together, at least some of the time, and my favorite moments are when I hear them giggle together. I personally think it's one of the best sounds in the world.

Other than that, we keep busy going to the park, and playing in the yard, and just generally having a great time. I feel truly blessed. =)

Wouldn't you?

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Shannon said...

Your boys are so cute!