Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Warm Weather Adventures

We've been outside a lot lately here, and the boys are thoroughly enjoying it.

Timothy finally got to fly his kites. When we finally got them up in the air, his face was priceless. Of course, when they crashed, he was pretty amused too.He's also dragged out his wagon every chance he gets. We've taken several wagon rides, to the delight of both boys.Andrew's crawling all over the place now, and I'm busy keeping him out of where he shouldn't be. I'm not too worried about the grass he's been eating, but I draw the line at the dirt from the flower beds. =) Of course, most of the time, he's only interested in crawling over to whatever he can pull up on. He's got the strength to stand, he just needs to work on the balance, but even that seems to be improving. Between being able to move, and being outside a lot more, our fussy little man has become so much happier. (Which is nice all around)

Isn't that the cutest smile?

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Jenete said...

What a cute little guy:)Glad you are enjoying a break from the cold.