Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fountain Fun

So, I keep meaning to blog about so much, and time keeps getting away from me. So, rather than try to play catch-up every time I get on here, I'm just going to pick one or two things to blog about. That being said...

It's been in the upper 80s around here, and nice and humid, so Friday I took the boys downtown to play in the fountain. It's more of a water scu
lpture, but well used by all the local children (of all ages) to cool off.

They had a blast, especially Timothy. Andrew wasn't so sure about crawling through the water.... =)

John got off early on Friday, so he met us for lunch, and then we walked back to the theatre building where I'd left the car. We had to walk across the river on the way, and Timothy was thrilled to be crossing the river on his own feet instead of the car. I overheard the following conversation between my men:

Timothy: "Daddy, you should buy a boat."
John: "If I buy a boat would you ride in it with me?"
T: "Sure I would Daddy"
J: "I need to buy a truck before I buy a boat. Then I can move the boat"
T: "Okay, first you need to buy a house. Then a truck. Then you buy a boat."

I swear I didn't coach him on this. =)

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