Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blogging again...

So, I'm going to try to write more often again. My Praxis is behind me (except for the score), which I spent obscene amounts of time studying for, and which took me 40 minutes to go over and answer all of the questions twice. My husband told me if he'd spent anywhere near the amount of time studying that I did, his college GPA would have been a 4.0 =) But the test went well, even if the administrators were ridiculously unorganized.

After the test on Saturday, Timothy and I attended Calista's 2nd Birthday party, where lots of fun was had by all. Especially the birthday girl, who I think managed to sneak at least 5 cupcakes from under her Mommy's nose. Here are the cute friends, enjoying the good food. =)

Since then, a heat wave has hit us. Temps were in the 90s for 4 days... in April! It didn't help that we're on the 4th floor of our building, with no AC, and heat rises. We were pretty miserable, and spent as much time as possible out of the house -- at the library, the park, houses of friends with AC -- so were able to manage during the day.

At playgroup yesterday, Timothy discovered "bubble flowers" and amused himself for a good 15 minutes with a field next to the playground. He even brought some flowers to the other kids (mostly girls) so they could blow the flowers too. So cute! Here's some of his "little house on the prairie" shots... =)

Anyway, now that the weather has blessedly turned, and I feel human again, I have lots to catch up on: Cleaning, blogging, finding the desk... So hopefully I'll be able to post more often. I'll try anyway. =)


Shannon said...

Wow, I can't believe it's been that hot for you. Hopefully it stays manageable for you during the rest of the summer!

The Wilkins Family said...

I love the "flower" pics. Luke is sad, I'm sure, to have missed Calista's big day.