Friday, May 1, 2009

Well, We're not moving to Montana, of Indiana, or, at the moment, anywhere. It's been a long and frustrating couple of weeks while we've waited to hear on John's job prospects, and now we have answers, just not the ones we were expecting.

It's hard not to be disappointed. Ever since I was laid off, and we found out about baby #2, we've bee looking for the next step in our lives, and trusting in the Lord to show it to us. We really felt like these moves were the answer. We love DC, be we were hoping to move somewhere more... affordable. We're ready for the stability a lower costs of living will bring. But, I guess that's not the plan right now. The Lord seems to be asking us to wait yet a little longer.

This is hard. My unemployment runs out before the baby comes, and John will be on unemployment for most of June and July. As it is, his salary and my unemployment were keeping us afloat. I need another job, but no one wants to hire someone less than three months from giving birth. Hopefully I can find something shortly after the baby comes, but then there's the question of affordable child care. Too much, and my entire salary goes for that. There's also the added cost of a bigger place. I was really enjoying the thought of a 2 bedroom, with a washer and dryer, for 1/2 of what we're paying for a 1 bedroom and 4 flights of stairs to the laundry room. But not around here... =)

There is a bright spot in all of this though. As we've received our "no"s this week, we've both kept praying, and today, we both had the same thought. I picked up John from the Metro, and said "I've been thinking..." He said: "I think I should take an AutoCAD course this summer." Taking the words right out of my mouth! So many of the jobs we've seen that he hasn't been able to apply for were because he was missing this certification. I guess for now, that's what we need to do. Focus on John's continuing education and skillset, and then we can look again.

For now, we're still praying, since that doesn't really solve the immediate financial problems, but we finally feel like we have a "yes" to go with all the "no"s. Please pray as we continue our search. We'll keep you posted.


Shannon said...

I'm sorry you guys are having such a tough time! I'm sure the Lord will continue to bless you as you continue doing the right things in your life. Do you still crochet? Have you thought about selling your blankets? That might be a way for you to make a little extra money. Good Luck with things. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

The Wilkins Family said...

Oh, that is so so hard. It is such a trial of faith when the job prospects aren't there. It is enocouraging that you both felt the same impression, though. And, hey, I would go on those interviews now even if you don't think they will give you a chance. You never know.

As for child care, give Alison Watson a call. She might be interested. Or, maybe you doing child care from home is an option. We will pray for you. And things will get better!

Keislings said...

Actually, I've considered both the blankets and the childcare. For the Childcare, we need to move first. For the Blankets, I'm finishing one up for a friend, then I'm going to start on ones to sell, and see if I get any takers.

Mandy said...

Megling, I think I understand some of what you're going through and I'm praying for you. I love you hon. As for blankets, I think that's a great idea, and smaller things as well, if that's what you want to do. "Egg Money" they used to call it in the day. :-)

Donna Black Davis said...

That is so disappointing! I know you've been working so hard. Something great will come -- all good things really are hard won. If there's anything you need, please call! If your place gets too hot again or you just don't want to go to the laundromat. Call! We can help on all fronts. You guys are such a joy to have in the ward!

Mama Llama-Karen said...

Boy do I feel dumb! I read this the day after it was posted and I was sure I had added a comment. I was just relaxing for a minute and thought I would see what was new. I noticed I hadn't. You are always in our prayers and always will be. I know you will be blessed for your faith and willingness to follow inspiration. I also know it's hard at times.
Hang in there. I can't tell you how much I wish I could do something to help!