Monday, December 1, 2008

The Thanksgiving Margaret didn't tell you about...

So this past weekend was Thanksgiving. Margaret has told you all about our guests, the food we ate, and her other musings. However there is one part she left out.

On Wednesday nights there are a couple of shows on Television that Margaret and I like to watch. This past Wednesday was no exception. However, this past Wednesday Margaret was multi-tasking and preparing the Thanksgiving Turkey as well as making a delicious pumpkin pie. Margaret asked me to let her know when the show was back on as she went in the kitchen to do some of these preparations. So I did as I was asked and Margaret came back into the living room to watch the show with me. About five minutes later Margaret yells "Oh Crap" and runs into the kitchen where she has left the water running in the sink (which she has plugged up to thaw out the Turkey)

Needless to say the kitchen was flooded. Margaret cleaned up and I took pictures :) However, Margaret was so embarressed by this she then deleted the pictures off of the camera. Then this conversation followed

John: Margaret, what'd you do
Meg: Shut up
John: Why did you drown the bird, poor bird
Meg: If you don't shut up I'm gonna flip you the bird


Shannon said...

That's too funny! I'm so sad the pictures were deleted. At least water cleans up fairly easy, right? :-)

Mandy said...

That is the best....thanks John, you're right Megling would have never fessed up. :-) (Though I question whether she would know which finger exactly IS the bird!)

Jeremy said...

That just made my holiday.

Mama Llama-Karen said...

Thank you for the smile. I loved it. I'm sorry also that the pictures were deleted. Meg, someday you will too. :)