Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Beginnings

Monday we began our Christmas celebration officially. When John got home, we ate a quick dinner, and headed off to get a Christmas tree.
Timothy was amazed when we entered a whole yard of trees, and approved the second tree we looked it. It was a very nice one, I approved too. Then, we added to the amazement when we tied the tree to the car and headed home. All the way home he kept repeating "Tree" and "Car" as if to make sure we knew what had happened.

However, once we got the tree stand out, his confusion seems to have vanished, and he was all business. He escaped my attempts to get him undressed for a bath, grabbed his hammer, and proceeded to help Daddy put the tree stand together. Then he crawled under the tree to help John tighten it down. I was holding the tree at the point, so I don't have a picture, of that, but here's a good one of the tree stand...

The tree is up, and looks great. It's a little bare at the bottom two feet, but I had to keep moving things up as cats and child wanted to play with all the ornaments. Oh well, such are the joys... =)

In other news, I've been getting creative with leftover turkey, and found this great recipe. Turkey Primavera from Campbells Kitchen. John proclaimed it "restaurant quality" and I'm pretty proud of it myself. I even took a picture. The "Zesty Turkey and Rice" that I made last night from the same site was pretty good too.

Oh, and here's some cute videos just for fun. We have such a polite little boy. He shares, and says thank you... Enjoy!


The Wilkins Family said...

He is so cute. I was experimenting with turkey leftovers too. We had a Cobb Salad Sandwich, Turkey Casserole, and Turkey Corn Chowder. Maybe I should make turkey more often!

John and Margaret said...

Ooh! Turkey corn chowder! I have to try that!

Mama Llama-Karen said...

I love the videos. Thank you so much for taking the time. I especially love the one with Timothy and John playing with the pacifier. Both of your guys, big and little are adorable! Your post are great. Although it makes me wish more and more I could give you all a big hug.