Saturday, December 13, 2008


Okay, this one is for all the guys out there. If you're a woman (especially if you're married) you may want to skip this post, but feel free to read on. Know however that you have been warned.

When we ask what's for dinner honey, the answer is definitely not leftovers. You can answer anything from "chicken" to "I'm not feeling up to making dinner, let's go out", or even "I'm not feeling up to making dinner tonight, would you mind making it?"

However, the answer is in no way shape or form "leftovers". We're good husbands. We take leftovers to work for lunch while all of our coworkers go out and eat delicious greasy burgers right in front of us. We don't complain. We often time eat the same meal three times or more in the same week for lunch.

With the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas, we do not want to eat the same meal more than once in a week. We don't care if the fridge needs to be cleaned out. If you're that desperate to get rid of food invite the missionaries over for lunch; those guys will eat anything.

I'm not saying that it's your job to make us dinner every night. I actually enjoy cooking and have been known to create delicious dinners. I'm just saying don't put "leftovers" on the meal plan for dinner time.


Donna Black Davis said...

Hi...I happen to agree with you. I HATE leftovers. I will NOT take them to work. I will NOT eat leftovers. And...if Darryl won't take them to work, they are promptly thrown away!!

Mandy said...

Leftovers commonly happen here..but repackaged in such a way that it doesn't look like it. I.e., what was roast chicken Sunday will be part of chicken casserole or chicken and rice or chicken stir-fry Monday. It's just too much to cook little tiny bits (i.e., for 3 people, which is really 2 1/2 until they're about 12) at a time.

Mama Llama-Karen said...

Oh My! I'm sure glad you don't speak for all men. Steve seems happy to take left-overs for lunch each day, and I am encouraged to make extra for dinner so that he can do that. Something’s, like lasagna seem better the next day. I don't know John, I guess it's good for Meg to know your feelings so as not to do what I do to try and make it all work, but if something is really yummy, why not want some more?

John and Margaret said...

It seems I have been misinterpreted. I don't mind taking leftovers for lunch. I do it almost everyday and enjoy it. It's the leftovers at dinner time that I don't want.

Mama Llama-Karen said...

thank you for clarifying. That must make it easier. No matter what, you're a great guy, John!