Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring Happenings

So.... between a lack of energy and motivation (due mostly to being hugely pregnant), and the general business of becoming not pregnant (There's a baby! Yay!) my blog and journal have both become sadly neglected.  Here is a sad attempt to partially catch up.

The first weekend in March, was the Father/Son campout at church. John bravely decided to take both boys, who couldn't be more thrilled. They started out nearly jumping out of their skins in excitement, and came home the next afternoon utterly exhausted. But once they had a bath and a short nap, they were ready to tell me all about it. They got to cook out, sleep in a tent, go fishing, and helped with a service project before they came home. John says that AJ needs to be potty trained next time, but other than that, it went very well. 

About a month later, John talked his very pregnant and uncomfortable wife into family trip to a FSU baseball game. It wasn't too bad. It was an evening game, so it wasn't too hot, and the boys had so much fun! There was a rain delay, and the stadium cleared out about halfway through, leaving the boys lots of room to watch the game, and even join in the heckling of the opposing pitcher. They kept hoping to catch a fly ball, but I didn't have the heart to tell them that the net overhead was preventing that....

The next day we met at the church to help with the cub scout service project. They were washing chairs. T was very helpful and intent. AJ... well, there were bubbles and water. And thankfully a towel to dry him off at the end. =)

Just before Easter, we spent a day at the beach. It was beautiful, and we all had a great time. There was a few moments of panic when Andrew took off into the surf alone, and I pulled my groin running to pull him out, but no one was hurt. And he now has a much safer appreciation of the surf. Hopefully that will last the next time we go... I'm also glad no one has evidence of my mad dash. 9 months of baby in my womb I'm sure made quite a sight....

The next week, Timothy's school had a family field day, and we went to that too. We didn't last the whole time, since it was pretty hot, (April in FL, go figure) but we had fun. The boys threw beanbags, races in sacks, and did the obstacle course. Over, and over, and over...

 Oh, and there was a free football game. Spring scrimmage. Probably the only one I will take small children to, but it was a fun family time. Good to get all those family activities in before.. Well, that's for the next post. =)

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