Thursday, March 15, 2012

Prepping for Baby

For my part, baby prep started out as quite a long list, but I've whittled it down, and feel like I can finish before he comes.

In addition to ours, I've had several friends having babies as well, so I made 3 baby blankets, and have one left. I was waiting for my niece/nephew to find out what color to make the last blanket. My nephew arrived this week, so I can whip up something for him. I just have to settle down and pick a pattern. =) But, here are my efforts to date:

I've also decided to go the cloth diaper route, since last time I had 2 in diapers it got pretty pricey. I convinced John to let me try, did my research, and took some of our tax return for the initial investment. I decided to go with Pocket Diapers since the actual mechanics of changing them wasn't that unlike disposables: You stuff the middle with an absorbent insert at laundry time, and then just put it on when changing. Even John agrees they're not too bad. =) Andrew loves them, and they're adjustable to fit both boys.
Plus, and I never thought I'd say this (then, I never thought I'd go the cloth route either), but aren't they cute?
From deciding on cloth diapers, with all my research, it wasn't that much of a stretch to decide on cloth wipes as well. I usually bundle up the wipes in the diaper, and that won't work so well with disposable wipes. I had some old flannel sheets, so I found some DIY instructions, and started cutting them into squares. I borrowed a sewing machine, and ended up with about 80-something wipes. That should last me quite a while... =) Andrew loves them, and complains when they're not handy and I grab the disposable wipes. I need to set up a better station upstairs, but I'll get there. It wasn't a complicated sewing project by any means, but I'm still pretty proud of it.

I still need to finish putting the baby's room together, but it's slowly becoming a reality. John's got the furniture set up in there, so I just need to finish putting everything away. But like I said earlier, I've got a few weeks. Now to find a carseat.... =)

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