Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Our camera is slowly dying. It was inevitable I guess. Almost 4 years, and countless times being stolen by a very small photographer, it's done it's time. It's sad though, for such a shutterbug as I. It wasn't anything special, but it's kept track of our lives in that time, and recorded many happy memories.

Anyway, enough without the eulogy. I've discovered that I don't like to blog without pictures. At least about my kids. The blogs seem somehow incomplete. Thankfully, I do have the camera on my phone. The quality isn't good, but at least it's something. I'd hate to miss out on the moments, little and big, in my son's lives. I still take considerably fewer pictures, but at least I'm getting something. (That being said, slideshow to follow) =)

The boys are doing well, and growing like weeds. Andrew especially seems to be in a constant growth spurt. He has about a cup and a half of oatmeal for Breakfast, sometimes with a banana, and sometimes with a handful of dry cereal, and then 2 hours later, he's hungry again. The eating pattern continues throughout the day, especially if he really likes what I serve. I remember T being a good eater at this age, but I don't remember this.... Kind of makes me scared for his teens... =)

Andrew is also very interested in vocabulary now. He's constantly pointing at things and wanting to know the name. He hasn't vocalized much yet, but every so often, he'll come out with a new attempt at words. Of course, his favorite word is "kitty." That one he's had down for a while. I don't think the cats share his enthusiasm though... =)

Timothy constantly amazes us with his imagination. His current fascination is all things fireman, as it has been for a while. Lately though, our house has become the fire station, our car a firetruck, and overtime we leave, we are apparently off to fight a fire. Picking a halloween costume this year is kind of a no-brainer. I also love to hear him play with his cars or little people. He has entire conversations that are just great! Now if only he was so excited about potty training... Oh well, we're getting there.

Anyway, That's the news in our life for now. We're making the most of the beautiful fall weather before hermit-time comes, and enjoying the normal ups and downs of small children. Best part of life, in my humble opinion. =)

Here's a few glimpse of our last couple of months:

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