Sunday, July 26, 2009

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

So, still no baby. We're starting to get more than a little anxious, since we've hit the final 2 week countdown before we move. We've packed everything but Timothy's toys, the kitchen, and the clothes we need until the move. That will help when we get down to the wire and I'm managing 2 kids, but for now, it's only making us stir crazy. There's not enough to do... We have been enjoying the beautiful summer weather, and taking many opportunities to get Timothy out of the house. Storytime at the library, playgroup, the pool, and the park on our own.

Timothy is loving it, and it will be hard this week when John's away this wee
k. He was offered some work for the week, and took it -- provided I don't give birth first -- so that will keep him busy, but keep Timothy and I semi-confined. We'll be okay though. The bus can take us where our feet can't. And, if we're lucky, it will only be a few days before small one makes his appearance anyway.

We're trying to figure out what this kid is waiting on. We've packed everything we can pack, the house is clean, I've packed and repacked the hospital bag, and I've finished his blanket (a week ago!). See? Timothy didn't get his until he was almost 3 months old...
I've tried almost every recommended self-inducing method to bring on labor (I draw the line at castor oil), and still no baby. The contractions even seemed to have pretty much stopped since last weekend when we thought he was coming and even went to the hospital. I get a few here and there, but nothing regular... Someone at church today even commented they'd never seen anyone carry a baby so low, and she'd seen a lot of pregnant women... Oh well, We know the Lord has his time in this, just like everything else about this move. I'd just like time to recover before we leave!

I do want to thank you all for your continued prayers and support. It's made it much easier knowing we're not alone in this. And you
r good wishes have helped us through so much these last few months. Now we're in the home stretch, and we're very excited! (Well, when we're not tring to get the baby to show up....) =)

Oh, one more fun bonus pic. We realized we didn't have a belly pic for this one, and Timothy decided to get in the picture. =)


Denise said...

You look so cute. I know that it stinks being 9 months along. However, enjoy these last few days, you will never get them back and will miss life when you didn't have so much to do and juggle.

Troublemakers in Wenatchee said...

The blanket looks really good. I know this might not help but with both of my kids they went a week over the due date and they ended up inducing me with both of them. In some ways that is nice because then you can plan a specific day for someone to watch the kids and there is no guess work the baby will come that day or the next. Good luck and I hope the baby come soon so you will be able to recover from it before you move.

Mama Llama-Karen said...

Meg, you look beautiful! If not a bit uncomfortable! :) the baby blanket is sweet and I'm sure the baby will love it. You do seem to be missing one very nice benefit here. When you have just had a baby, you are to sit in a chair and give direction. No hauling, no sweating, no problem.
uncomfortable. :)

Mandy said...

If it helps at ALL, it looks like any weight you have on your body all went directly to the belly and so when you deliever you should be down to like a size 2. I know that's not realistic. I'm just sayin', that's how thin you are. :-)

I've heard good things about Blue Cohash tincture. I only went a week overdue with Tessa and then they induced, but I was really high risk at the time due to my blood pressure. Not having had problems since then I'm hoping if I ever get to do it again I can go the au naturale route.

Love you.