Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blueberry Picking and Fireworks... The best of summer fun.

Last week, Timothy and I joined our playgroup at a local farm for some blueberry picking fun. The farm apparently does all kinds of picking, depending on what's in season, but this time of year, it's blueberries. It wasn't the strawberry picking of my childhood (THAT farm was just down the road), but considering my current shape and Timothy's age, this was probably better. =) We had a lot of fun, and are still enjoying the fruits of our labors. Timothy was very serious about picking, and ate considerably less than I thought he would. He was all about getting them in his bucket. =)

Then, this past Saturday, being the 4th, we had lots planned. At 8am, our church had their annual flag raising service and pancake breakfast, which Timothy thought was the best. Especially tearing around the gym after breakfast.... =)

We relaxed for most of the rest of the day, and then shared a delicious BBQ dinner with our friends the Marchants. Grilled Kabobs, Corn on the Cob, and Watermelon, followed by blueberry cobbler a la mode. Mmmm! After our very excellent meal, we went off to watch the fireworks. Timothy was thrilled. He loved them. "Daddy! Boom in the Sky!" "Mommy! Look!" We paid the price with a very tired little boy all the next day, but I think it was worth it. Here's some photos for you to enjoy... =)

P.S. The last pic is a little bonus. We just took the side off the crib and put on the training rails in preparation for Timothy moving to a big boy bed. He's so excited!

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