Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Belated Update

Okay, so it's been waay too long since we've updated this thing. But in our defense, we've been pretty busy. I'm just not sure with exactly what...

Actually, I've just had to be really creative with my computer time, as Small Child wants to get on the computer whenever I'm on here, and job applicat
ions seem like a more pressing use of my time. That, by the way, is still moving very slowly. So many people are on hiring freezes right now. I knew it was bad, but I guess you never know HOW bad, until it affects you directly. Makes me really feel blessed that we're in the situation we are. It's tight, but we're making it. Of course, if I still don't have a job by the time unemployment runs out, that could will change...

John on the other hand, has been busy working. They're currently in the middle of strike and load-in at work. They have ten days to take one set out, (Which is massive) and install another one.

He had yesterday off, but that was because everyone relies on Metro to get to work, and well, anyone that wasn't heading to the innauguration yesterday generally avoided downtown. The news was reporting that between 4am and 6am, Metro had over 150,000 riders. By 8am, it was at almost half a million. Then were the crazy people who tried to drive (can you say gridlock?), or who took charter buses to get there. The estimates were at about 2 million people, but I wonder if it was more. You couldn't see any green on the mall from the capitol to the Lincoln Memorial, which is almost a 2 mile stretch. Not quite, but it's no small space.

It was exciting to see all the enthusiasm. It's like people are starting to care about the system again.I just hope that they understand that our new president is still human. He's a man with great ideas, but he's still a man. Like every president before him, he's going to make good, and bad decisions. I hope they give him time to try, and understand that change doesn't happen overnight. I hope that his detractors understand the same thing, and don't just wait and hope for him to fall.

Anyway, back to our January: Not much to report other than work and job hunts, but we have had a few highlights. The biggest one for me bei
ng spending time with Timothy. It's so much fun to see him grow and learn daily. He talks all the time now. Not that we understand most of it, but that doesn't stop him. He figures out how to tell us what he needs when it's necessary. Or does it himself... =) For instance, the other day, he decided to make his own seat on the couch. Don't know what gave him the idea, but it sure was cute:

He's also decided that he wants to eat apples like a big boy now, and won't eat it sliced.

I'm still searching for the core from Monday, but I think he may have eaten the whole thing....

I've also been having a lot of fun playing with bargain shopping. I've always loved to find a go
od deal, but last week, I think I had more fun than usual... Every so often, CVS has a great deal, where they give you Extra Bucks for an item that equals what you spent on the item. So, basically, you can go back the next time you're in, and you have a coupon for whatever you spent last time. Last week it was SoyJoy bars. Buy a box for $6, and get $6 ECB. The website also had a coupon for $3 off a CVS brand purchase. With a few of those, and the ECB deal, I managed to get all of this, for about $15:

I was pretty excited about it... =)

Anyway, my computer time seems to be used up for the moment. I have a small child demanding my attention, and he's out of patience. I'll try to make sure we post again soon!


Shannon said...

Timothy is so cute! That's funny about the apples. When Myra started eating them on the core, she ate the whole thing too. I guess there are definitely worse things they could eat. :-) Good luck with the job hunting.

Mandy said...

I love bargain hunting, it's probably my favorite thing. I like to clip the coupons in the Sunday circular and then look at the Meijer ads. Usually you'll find that the coupons match up with the ads pretty well, and not only do you get the item on sale, but also have a coupon for it and pay like, 40 cents less...80 cents at meijer because they do double coupons under 50 cents. I once got a few things for practically free that way. It's the BEST. FEELING.

Mama Llama-Karen said...

As always, I love the pictures. What a cutie!! Not being able to see ya'll in person makes the pictures and posts that much more special. Thank you!!!!!