Tuesday, July 31, 2012

3 Years of Andrew

My dear little man,

Today you are three. You are so excited about it too. This is the first birthday that has really meant anything to you, and it has been fun to watch you experience it.

You wanted a Curious George cake, and while Mommy is not a professional decorator, you seemed very happy with the results. The fact that it was a banana cake probably didn't hurt. =)

We celebrated a day early, since Mommy and Daddy had scout stuff to go to on your actual day, but since you got your whole birthday to play with your presents, you didn't seem to mind much. It's hard to say if you liked the parrot puppet or the Marbleworks better, but they're both providing hours of fun, along with your other little presents.

You have changed so much in the last year. When you turned 2, you still weren't speaking much, content to let your big brother do most of the talking. Now, you are just as talkative as he is, and say the funniest things. I love seeing how your mind works. One of my current favorites is the way you say "our" instead of "we." " ("Our had hotdogs for dinner") We try to correct you, but you persevere. I figure it will work itself out. =)

It has been fun to have just "Mommy and Andrew time while Timothy has been in school this year, but it has also been nice to see you just have Andrew time. You announce that you want to play in your room, and off you go. Sometimes I sneak up there and eavesdrop. The things you play show off your wonderful imagination, and I love it.

Your big brother is your best friend, and while you will usually follow his lead, you aren't afraid to let your opinion be known. Watching you play together has made some of my dearest memories.

You are a big brother yourself now, and such a good one! You love to help Mommy entertain Nathan, you tell me when he's crying, and you love to show him off to everyone we meet.

You are very independent these days, which is so fun to see. "Me do it" is a very familiar phrase. Yet you still love to cuddle, especially when you're tired. May you never grow out of that.

When we ride in the car, you point out all the landmarks that you know. When we would take Timothy to school, Mommy was treated to a litany every day: "Stephanie's school!"  "Ice Cream Store!" (This one is still very important) "Bank!" "Winn Dixie!" "Gas Station!" "Karen's School!" "Publix!" "Timothy's School!" (Stephanie & Karen being the big sisters of our carpool mate) You also like to play "Rollercoaster" in the car. Tallahassee has some nice hills, but I didn't think they were that steep until you and your brother invented this game. For never having even seen a roller coaster, you do a pretty good impression.

You've also proved yourself quite the ladies' man this year. Not among your peers, but among Daddy's fellow students, and the teenagers at church. Karen, your 14 year-old babysitter may be your favorite person outside the family, but that didn't stop you from also making valentines for the girls in Daddy's program. Those baby blue eyes, and that smile, who can blame them for melting?

Andrew, you are a wonderful little man, and I am so glad you're in our family. You are such a blessing to all of us. Happy Birthday my Son!

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Ty and Cami said...

I used to have a marble works too! Good memories. Happy birthday!