Saturday, January 7, 2012

Adventures at Home Depot

This week, I noticed online that Home Depot's children's workshop was building savings sheds this Saturday. I've been wanting piggy banks for the boys for a while, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity. And hey, it's free!

Unfortunately, John came down with a massive ear infection, and hasn't left the couch in three days. (Poor John...) I was counting on Daddy to take the lead on this one. But, since we'd already promised the boys, I couldn't let them down. We got up early, and headed out the door.

It was a fun little workshop. Prefab kits, and aprons they got to keep. (Apparently you get a new pin for each project you complete, so I can see us returning a lot.)
The boys loved it! They got to hammer in nails, screw in a screw, and even paint the roof on their shed. A few of the nails may be a bit crooked, and Mommy may have a slightly bruised thumb, but still, it was a nice way to spend and hour on a Saturday morning. =)


Mandy said...

Tessa did this once with my friend Koren. She uses the apron for painting in.

T said...

I totally did the Home Depot workshops as a kid! I remember building a birdhouse and a toolbox. I was probably 12 or so.