Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Announcing a new addition!

The baby isn't due for another few months, but in the meantime, we've added a new member to our family.
Meet Harley. He's about 5, mixed breed, and very well trained. All the boys in the house, big and small, are absolutely thrilled with this development. Some friends needed more room in their house, and needed a good home for one of their dogs, so we took him for a trial weekend. Doesn't look like he'll be leaving anytime soon. =)

*Mommy might be a little more excited about THIS new addition,
since the other one worked sporadically and kept burning my baked goods, (this one makes absolutely perfect cookies!)but has to confess that Harley is a sweetie, even for someone who's not really a dog person... =)


Mandy said...

Dog is cute, I was sure I heard you wrong on the phone when you said you were keeping him, because I know how NOT a dog person you are. Stove looks just like mine.

John and Margaret said...

No, I'm not, but the rest of the family is. I've stalled long enough. And he doesn't jump on me, lick my face, or slobber much, so I can't complain that much. =)