Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas 2009

Okay, I'm finally posting about our holidays. For some reason I've had no motivation (or too many things to catch up on. Yeah, let's go with that.) Anyway..

We headed south this year for Christmas, to Texas. It was nice to see John's family, and we were even able to skype with his brother Josh while we opened presents (he's in Iraq, and his deployment was extended past Christmas)

Timothy loved the entire time. This is the first year he's really understood any of it, and he really got into opening presents (Andrew just chewed on the paper whenever it got near his mouth). He was much more patient than I'd expected. We told him we had to wait for Uncle Josh to call on the computer, and he was very good about waiting. He did stand near the tree, look at all the presents, and sigh very dramatically... =)

Being the oldest grandchild, he did get a little spoiled. The other two are a little young for much interaction, but Timothy was in his element. Lots of adults to play with him and laugh at his antics. (Have I mentioned I have a two-year-old clown?) He had lots of fun with Grammy, Aunt Becky, and Uncle Paul. Uncle Paul became the resident horse, and Aunt Becky earned a new nickname of "Becky-do-it", as that was his standard response to any parental help. =) Then Grammy let him help make the Christmas pies, and that was just too perfect for words.

He did have to compete with his father and uncle for time on his new Hotwheels racetrack. It was really cute to see grown men and their passion for toy cars that never die. More than once I walked into the living room to hear them bargaining with Timothy for time on the track. =)

For our Christmas, John and I availed ourselves of some free (and GREATLY appreciated) free babysitting and got a B&B for some alone time. It was nice to relax, spend time just the two of us, and (John's favorite part) see Cowboys Stadium. [Note: for pictures of this, see John's FB albums, there were almost as many photos of the stadium as there were of the rest of the vacation. =)]

It's nice to be home, if rather cold. It's kind of sad when 15 degrees feels warm. John says he has a whole new appreciation for the meaning of the word "cold". But more on that later...


Shannon said...

I'm glad you had a fun Christmas. I bet it was nice to get away from the cold, for a little bit. I've heard it's been awfully cold your way. I hope you can stay warm! Your boys adorable!

Mama Llama-Karen said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I"m glad you were able to go.
I love the slide show. Such adorable boys! All 3 of them. Didn't see you though Meg. hummmm