Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Memorial Day, and Zoo Fun

The next Monday after our trip was Memorial Day, and since John loves to grill, we decided to throw a BYOM barbeque. We had several people coming, and were quite excited about it. Then, just before start time, it started raining. We waited a while for it to blow over, but then gave up and grilled anyway. Well, the guys stood out with umbrellas, and we all crowded into the apartment to eat. It was still fun, and a good time with friends. I'm not sure which Timothy enjoyed more. Splashing in the rain, or playing with his friends... =)

Then, on Saturday, we headed off to the Zoo for a few hours, and Timothy had a blast. He wasn't so sure about the big Apes up close, but he loved the little monkeys, as well as the birds and pretty much everything else we saw. Fun times. =)

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